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Benefits of Chair Lift Installation

Benefits of Chair Lift Installation

Mar 20, 2023

Getting older comes with a lot of changes, one of the most common being the potential loss of mobility thanks to weakening muscles and poor stability. Unfortunately, this can make something as simple as walking up and down the stairs challenging. For some older adults, the stairs become too much of an inconvenience, and they end up confining themselves to one level of their home. This, in turn, can lead to talk of downsizing or moving to an assisted living facility. However, they shouldn’t have to leave the home they love when chair lift installation offers the ideal solution!

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of chair lift installation and how it can give older people freedom and independence in their own homes.

Let’s Talk About Safety

One of the main benefits of chair lift installation is that it offers a much safer way for older adults to use the stairs. Stairs are among the most significant hazards for people with limited mobility or poor balance. Just missing one step can result in a nasty fall which could end in a severe injury like a broken hip or injured leg. Chair lift installation removes that risk from the equation, allowing them to sit on the motorized chair and be carried smoothly between floors.

Easy to Use

We find that many older people are a little bit wary when it comes to new technology. However, stair lifts are very easy to operate and can be mastered in a few minutes. All you have to do is take a seat, secure the seatbelt, and hold the switch to ascend the stairs. Simple, right? During your chair lift installation, you can have the switch put on whichever armrest is most convenient for you, and some models may even come with a remote that you can carry in your pocket. Stair lifts are designed to be comfortable and smooth to ride and have padded seats, backrests, and arms for your comfort.

Restore Your Independence

One of the most wonderful things about chair lift installation is that it can give an older person back some of their lost independence. For many older adults, a loss in mobility can mean losing access to the upper level of their home or maybe their basement. If there are stairs at the front door, it could even mean being unable to get out of the house without assistance. Chair lift installation can resolve those issues and make it possible for older adults to stay in their homes as they age. A recent study by AARP found that 77% of adults over the age of 50 want to stay in their homes long-term. This number has remained relatively consistent for more than a decade. Older people don’t want to lose their independence and prefer Aging-In-Place.

Cost Effective Solution

In the AARP study mentioned previously, 71% of participants said that their homes had accessibility issues both internally and externally. 79% said they also needed to modify their bathrooms to add grab bars, walk-in bathtubs, or showers. However, remodeling can be expensive, and it may seem out of reach for some older adults. The good news is chair lift installation is one of the fastest and most affordable solutions when you need to address accessibility issues at home. Stair lifts can be installed indoors and outdoors and are available for any type of staircase, whether straight, curved, or split-level.

Short-Term Solutions

Sometimes mobility issues are more short-term, for example, when they are caused by an injury rather than getting older! Chair lift installation can be a great short-term solution for anyone who is struggling with the stairs due to an injury or surgical procedure. At AIP Mobility Plus, we can offer stair lift rental for individuals who will only need to use a chair lift for a few months. They are quick and easy to install without major renovations to your home, making them an excellent short-term solution to make your recovery journey more manageable.

Book a Free In-Home Consultation

Still not sure if chair lift installation is right for you? Why not book a free in-home installation with AIP Mobility to discuss your accessibility needs? We will help you to look at the various aids that we can provide, including stair lifts, ramps, grab rails, and other safety equipment, and explain how each of them could benefit you in your own home. We can also offer a more accurate quote upon seeing the layout of your staircase and determining the best type of stairlift to fit your space. We are here to help make Aging-In-Place easier for you and help you to take back your independence.


Helping You Keep Your Independence at Home

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