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Busting Some Common Stair Lift Myths!

Chair Lift Installation Chatham NJ

Apr 03, 2023

If you have been considering having a stair lift installed in your home, you probably have a few questions. If you have never used one before, then it is natural that you might not be familiar with how they work. You may also find that you have some preconceived ideas about stair lifts and the people who use them! Don't let misinformation put you off the idea of stair lift installation in Morris County. There are a tremendous amount of benefits associated with having a stair lift, so let's go ahead and debunk some of the most common myths we have heard about stair lift installation in Morris County.

Myth 1 - Only Really Old & Frail People Use Stair Lifts

Aging is something that all of us have to come to terms with sooner or later. However, as we advance in years, none of us like having to admit to being old! There is a common misconception that the only people who need stair lifts are very old and frail. This idea often discourages people from admitting that they could benefit from stair lift installation in Morris County. The truth is, even as an active older person, you can still benefit from using a stair lift. If anything, it will encourage you to stay active by allowing you more independence around your home. It is beneficial to start using a stair lift as soon as you begin to notice a decline in your balance or mobility, as this can help prevent a fall that might worsen your condition. Think of your stair lift as a preventative tool that is going to support you in your quest to remain in your own home as you get older.

Myth 2 - My Stairs Are Not Suitable For a Stairlift

Another common misconception people have is that they cannot get stair lift installation in Morris County if their stairs are not straight. This is simply not the case! Stair lift track can be custom fitted to more or less any set of stairs indoors or outdoors. At AIP Mobility Plus, we offer a wide range of stair lift models to suit straight, curved, and split-level stairs. No matter your staircase's layout, we can custom-fit a stair lift that will work for you. We can even offer compact models for narrow staircases!

Myth 3 - A Stair Lift Will Get in The Way!

Some individuals have put off the idea of stair lift installation in Morris County because they think the stair lift will get in other people's way. They feel that it might block the stairs for more able-bodied household members, causing them frustration and inconvenience. However, stair lifts can be very unobtrusive when not in use. Many models have a flip-up seat that can be folded out of the way when the stair lift is not being used. During your stair lift installation in Morris County, you may also be able to request a parking option! The rail can be extended past the end of the stairs and wrapped around the banister allowing the chair to sit at the side of the stairs when parked.

Myth 4 - I'm Too Large to Fit in a Stair Lift

When you lose your mobility as you get older, it is common to notice that you have gained a few extra pounds. This is to be expected when you are unable to move around as much as you used to. This can lead to concerns that you may be too heavy or too large to sit on a stair lift comfortably. This is not something that you need to fret over. There are many models of stair lifts that can accommodate up to 400 lbs in weight. If you are unusually tall, we can also advise on the best models to suit your stature. Why not book a free in-home consultation with AIP Mobility Plus to take a look at some of the available options for any size?

Myth 5 - Stair Lift Installation is a Huge Project

Something that often causes people to delay stair lift installation in Morris County is that they believe it is a huge undertaking that will disrupt their daily life for an extensive period of time. However, this could not be further from the truth. Stair lift installation is much easier than most people think, and you can have one fitted in just a couple of hours! Curved or split-level stairs are a little more complex to work with and take more time, but even so, you can expect your stair lift installation in Morris County to be completed within a single day.


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