Home Modifications

Home Modifications and Repairs can enhance the enjoyment of your home environment by maximizing functionality and increasing access and maneuverability.

The cost to add Aging-In-Place Modifications to your home are a small premium to pay in comparison to the cost of physical injury or the annual fee for assisted living.

From simple changes, like replacing doorknobs with lever handles to garage and bedroom conversions that allow individuals to remain in the home or families to remain together, AIP Mobility Plus has done them all. For example

  • Install a ramp
  • Retrofit a garage, den or study to a bedroom and bath on the ground floor
  • Install a chairlift or an elevator
  • Installation of a roll-in or walk-in shower
  • Grab bars and hand rails in bathrooms as aids to getting in and out of the shower or the tub, and up from or down onto the toilet
  • Hand rails installed along hallways and on both sides of stairways can offer significant security to a person whose mobility and agility are limited
  • Install the new 19” toilet
  • Adjusting Doorway Openings and Countertop Height
  • Replace high thresholds with low, beveled ones to create a smooth transition

Contact Us when you suddenly find that stairs, tubs, or kitchens have become hard or impossible to use safely. AIP Mobility Plus has the experience to assess and provide modifications and well-designed products that can extend independent living and a person’s privacy.