In-Home Safety Assessment

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The AIP Mobility Plus In-Home Assessment

The AIP Mobility Plus Home Assessment is for those clients that know they plan on staying in their home and community as they Age-In-Place. It will provide an in depth look at your current and future mobility, independence needs and goals.

It’s a room-by-room access and safety look into the future evaluation. The goal is to customize a plan now that makes your house a home for life. Giving you time to budget and time to schedule reducing the risk of requiring an immediate need services you are not prepared for as you age.

Planning now will allow you to continue living in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, for many years to come.

The safer and more comfortable your home is now, the fewer obstacles it will present down the road.

Our Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists (CAPS) will provide a written assessment that will:

  • Conduct a home accessibility and safety assessment room by room, or specific areas like entryway, bathroom etc.
  • Identify safety risk factors that can or will limit daily activities.
  • Suggest ways to eliminate future independence and mobility concerns.
  • Review Grab Bar and Handrails location both inside and outside.
  • Reveal needed interior and exterior Home Maintenance needs.
  • Evaluate layout and possible modifications to extend home functionality.

We encourage you to include a family member or trusted friend for our meeting.