Stair Lifts

Is climbing your staircase becoming an obstacle in your home? You used to never give it a thought and go up and down so easily, now it sometimes can seem like a mountain to climb.  Taking a fall is always traumatic for adults, but for older adults, it can actually be life threatening.

  • AIP Mobility Plus offers a variety of straight and curved stairlifts.
  • A Stairlift Provides a Safe, Reliable Way to Get Up and Down Your Stairs.
  • A Stairlift provides safe accessibility between the floors in your family home, offering you complete independence despite reduced mobility due to age, disease or injury.
  • All our stairlifts; whether they are curved stair lifts or straight stair lifts are from top manufactures, which means quality you can depend on.

AIP Mobility Plus helps you with the evaluation and installation of stair lifts that meet individual needs indoors or outside your home.