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Stair Lifts

Stairlifts are a practical and economical tool to lessen your accessibility barriers, and the inability to access all areas of your home. For those with challenges walking up and down stairs- a stairlift may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Our goal is to help you navigate your stairway safely. Falling is always traumatic for anyone, but for older adults, it can be life-threatening.

Best Stair Lifts Morris County
Best stair Lifts Morris County NJ

Why Choose AIP Mobility Plus for your Stairlift needs?

  • Quality: All our stairlifts, whether they are curved, or straight stair lifts are from top manufacturers, which means a quality you can depend on.
  • Accessibility: Our stair lifts can be customized to fit your home and offer you complete independence despite reduced mobility due to age, disease, or injury.
  • Independence: Stair Lifts are a cost-effective and construction-free way of gaining independence throughout your entire home.
  • Freedom: Seats, armrests, and footrest’s that can match your homes décor, fold up easily when not in use.
  • Complete Installation & Removal

We Have Morris County Stair Lifts To Accommodate All Stair Shapes

We offer a wide range of curved, straight and outdoor stairlifts. We design and install not only to suit your needs but your budget as well.

Morris County Curved Stair Lifts

Customized curved stair ifts promise a smooth ride. They can be customized to match any decor and to fit each individuals body weight and needs.

Morris County Straight Stair Lifts

Straight Stairlifts can be either powered or non-powered. Swivel seats along with a perch seat is available for those with knee and hip disbilities.

Morris County Outdoor Stair Lifts

Featuring the same options as the indoor stairlifts, the outdoor stairlifts are manufactured and designed to withstand the outdoor elements.

Morris County Refurbished Stair Lifts

We understand the financial struggle that often comes with the need for mobility aids. That's why we offer a range of refurbished stairlifts at reduced prices. These are second hand, but are fully serviced for safety and functionality.

Morris County Rental Stair Lifts

Sometimes your mobility needs can change drastically overnight. If you have suffered an injury or are suffering from temporary mobility issues you may prefer to rent a stair lift rather than purchasing one.