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Aging in Place: What to Do if Stairs Have Become a Problem

What to Do if Stairs Have Become a Problem

Nov 28, 2023

Introducing the idea of a stairlift to an older adult can be a sensitive matter, as it involves discussing potential mobility challenges. Here are some tips from AIP Mobility Plus in Chatham on how to approach the conversation and pique their interest:

  1. Assessment by Professionals:Empathize and Understand Their Concerns:

    Begin the conversation by expressing empathy and understanding for any challenges they may be experiencing with stairs. Ask open-ended questions about how they feel when navigating stairs and listen to their concerns.

  2. Highlight Safety Benefits:

    Emphasize the safety features of stairlifts. Discuss how a stairlift can reduce the risk of falls and injuries, providing a secure and comfortable way to move between different levels of the home.

  3. Discuss Independence:

    Frame the conversation in terms of maintaining independence. Explain that a stairlift allows them to remain in their home and move freely between floors without assistance, contributing to a sense of autonomy.

  4. Share Success Stories:

    If you know of others who have benefited from using a stairlift, share their success stories. Hearing about positive experiences from peers can make the idea more appealing.

  5. Highlight Ease of Use:

    Stress the simplicity and ease of use of modern stairlifts. Many models come with user-friendly controls and smooth operation, making them accessible for seniors with various levels of mobility.

  6. Discuss Cost and Financing Options:

    Address any concerns about the cost by discussing financing options or potential assistance programs. Some seniors may be more willing to consider a stairlift if they understand the financial aspects.

  7. Involve Them in the Decision-Making Process:

    Make them feel included in the decision-making process. Ask for their preferences regarding features, styles, and installation. Involving them in the decision can empower them and make the idea more appealing.

  8. Consult with AIP Mobility Plus and Healthcare Professionals:

    If appropriate, involve healthcare professionals in the conversation. Their input can lend credibility to the need for a stairlift, especially if there are specific health considerations. At AIP Mobility Plus we would be happy to answer any questions or provide a FREE in-home mobility and safety assessment. (973-607-3211)

  9. Be Patient and Respectful:

    Recognizing that this is a significant decision, and it may take time for your loved one to come to terms with the idea. Be patient, respectful, and avoid pressuring them. Give them the space to process the information.

Approaching the topic with sensitivity and focusing on the benefits of a stairlift can help make the conversation more positive and increase the senior's interest in exploring this mobility solution.


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