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Threshold Ramps

Morris County Threshold Ramps
Threshold Ramps in New Jersey

It is almost certain that at least one part of your home is not quite level with the rest This could be a small lip coming out of the front door, inside the garage, or even between rooms inside. This can potentially present a tripping hazard and will also make transitioning into these spaces more difficult or even dangerous when using a mobility aid. We have the answer to this problem! With our wide variety of threshold ramps, you can easily smooth out these unlevel transitions.

Threshold Ramps are a very cost-effective solution to make moving around safer and easier for those with mobility issues or using walking aids. It may seem like such an insignificant difference to an able-bodied person, but even a slight difference of half an inch between walking surfaces can create a danger to someone with limited mobility. A threshold ramp is an inclined flat surface that helps to create a smooth an continuous surface bridging the two different walking surfaces. This allows someone using a wheelchair, scooter, or walker to easily traverse the space without any obstacles. We offer a wide range of threshold ramps in a variety of different sizes and materials. We will work with you to choose the most appropriate solutions to meet your needs.