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How Can a Stair Lift Help Your Aging Parents Live at Home For Longer?

How Can a Stair Lift Help Your Aging Parents Live at Home For Longer?

Dec 05, 2022

If you have concerns about your aging parents getting around the house safely, particularly when using the stairs. You may consider whether it is time to think about assisted living. If you have already discussed the subject with your parents, they were probably not on board with that suggestion! The good news is that you can help your parents retain their independence and stay in their home while also giving you the peace of mind that they can move around safely. Let’s talk about how stair lifts in Morris County, NJ, can help your aging parents live at home for longer.

1 - Reduce the Risk of Falls

A fall down a flight of stairs can be severe for anyone, not just older people. After all, there is a reason why we use baby gates for our little ones and fit handrails to help us safely navigate the staircase. However, this type of fall can be particularly devastating for seniors. As we age, we lose bone density, making broken bones far more likely during a fall. In addition, studies have shown a direct correlation between seniors falling and declining health. It is estimated that following a non-fatal fall, only 22% of seniors can function as they previously did after being discharged from the hospital. This could be because of psychological trauma linked to the incident. Staircases are a hotspot for falls involving older people, thanks to restricted mobility, poor balance, and a decline in depth perception. Installing stair lifts can eliminate this risk by allowing your aging parents to navigate the stairs at home safely and comfortably. This will enable them to keep hold of their independence while giving you peace of mind that they will not end up in the emergency room when they try to head upstairs to bed.

2 - Help Your Parents to Stay Active

Another benefit associated with stair lifts is that they can help keep your aging parents active. This might seem like a strange thing to say since riding a stair lift involves far less movement than actively climbing the stairs. However, the reality is that when the stairs become too much of a chore for your parents to manage, they will start avoiding using them. This can result in them being restricted to just one or two rooms in their home, giving them less space and fewer reasons to move around. Having the use of a stair lift gives them additional freedom to make use of their whole house. It may help them to keep doing daily chores that would otherwise fall to a caregiver. For example, stair lifts in Morris County, NJ, will make it possible for them to bring laundry down from the bedroom to the laundry room.

3 - Save Money

There is no question that aging can be expensive with the cost of making adaptations to make the home more accessible or perhaps hiring caregivers to help around the house. One of the most cost-effective places to start when making your parents’ home more accessible is with stair lifts in Morris County, NJ. No major renovation or construction work is needed to install a stair lift; we simply need to bolt the rails to the floor or staircase. This is minimal and it can be accomplished very quickly. Not only is it one of the least expensive adaptations you can make to help your parents with aging, but when you compare the cost to that of assisted living arrangements, you will see a massive difference in the expense. Assisted living in northern New Jersey can cost anywhere between $4000 and $10,000 per month, so it is certainly more beneficial to help your aging parents stay in their own home for as long as possible.

4 - Helps Your Parents to Perform Chores

Another part of living independently at home is the ability to keep doing daily chores. You might be surprised at just how helpful stair lifts in Morris County, NJ, can be. We already briefly mentioned safely getting laundry downstairs, but some of the other uses customers have told us about include:

  • Moving plants between floors.
  • Taking groceries to the kitchen on another level.
  • Bringing a tray of food upstairs when their spouse is under the weather.

The possibilities are endless. Sitting in the stair lift with items on your lap is much safer than trying to climb the stairs carrying it. Many of our customers are delighted by just how much freedom they get back after installing a stair lift in their homes.

Overall, with the help of stairlifts in Morris County, NJ, you can help your parents to retain their freedom, independence, and dignity. Your parents get to stay in their home longer, so you can feel at peace that they are happier and safer.


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