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Top 5 Achievable Fall Preventers

Top 5 Achievable Fall Preventers

Aug 17, 2023

As I visit with older adults daily, there are five top achievable fall preventers that always come up.

1. Regular Exercise and Physical Activity:

Engaging in regular exercise, including strength training, balance exercises, and flexibility routines, helps improve muscle strength, coordination, and balance, reducing the risk of falls. Trying to follow this one a little more closely myself.

2. Home Safety Modifications:

Making necessary modifications to the home environment, such as installing grab bars, handrails, stairlifts, non-slip flooring, and adequate lighting, can significantly reduce fall hazards.

3. Medication Management:

Ensuring that medications are managed properly, with regular reviews by healthcare professionals, can help minimize side effects that might contribute to falls.

4. Vison and Hearing Check-ups:

Regular eye and hearing examinations are essential for detecting any issues that might affect balance, mobility, and overall safety.

5. Footwear and Proper Clothing:

Wearing well-fitted, non-slip footwear and comfortable clothing that doesn’t impede movement can help prevent slips and trips.


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