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Vertical Platform Lifts Vs. Stair Lifts: What’s The Difference?

Vertical Platform Lifts Vs. Stair Lifts: What’s The Difference?

Jan 02, 2023

When either you or a member of your family is starting to lose some of their mobility, stairs are usually the first noticeable hurdle that becomes challenging to navigate. We often hear that seniors have all but abandoned the upper level of their homes because the stairs present too much of a challenge. Others feel forced to move out of their house to a single-level property or maybe even an assisted living facility. However, many seniors have been in their homes for years and do not want to leave them. That’s when the time comes to look into stair lifts in Morris County to regain some of that lost independence.

If you have already started looking at your options, you may be weighing up the choice between platform lifts and stair lifts in Morris County. Let’s look at some of the differences and which situations each is best suited to.

What is a Platform Lift?

If you haven’t heard of a platform lift, maybe you have heard it referred to by another name. They are commonly known as wheelchair, porch, or vertical lifts. A platform lift is designed to help wheelchair users travel between floors independently, as they allow the user to roll directly onto the platform. They are different from traditional elevators as they are not enclosed in a shaft. This is why they are only generally used in a residential environment, most commonly outside as a porch lift. They can be a great option where the rise is only a few feet. Installing a platform lift may require structural changes to your property, but it is relatively quick, usually taking just a few days to complete.

Platform lifts are best suited to those who require a wheelchair or mobility scooter, as they have specifically designed to roll directly on and off the platform.

What is a Stair Lift?

One of the other options that you may have been considering is a stair lift. This is the more versatile option in comparison to a platform lift. Stair lifts in Morris County are an excellent way to overcome mobility issues allowing you to stay in your home for longer and regain some of your independence. Also known as chair lifts, these are a chair attached to a rail that follows the path of your staircase, allowing you to sit comfortably and securely as you ride to the top.

One of the key benefits usually associated with stair lifts in Morris County is that they require no renovation work or remodeling. They are suitable for almost any type of straight, curved, or multilevel staircase. We install the rail on your existing staircase, attach the chair, and you are ready to go. Stairlifts are battery-operated, which is also a huge benefit. As long as you keep the battery charged, you don’t need to be concerned about being trapped halfway in the event of a power outage! This is a more common fear than you might expect!

There are many other benefits that we have yet to mention that help to make stair lifts in Morris County a popular choice. One of those is that it won’t take up much space. The staircase will still be accessible to other household members to walk up and down as usual. The stairlift is fitted against the wall and is relatively compact. Many models allow the seat to be flipped up when not in use. They are also reasonably discreet, and there are many styles and seat colors to choose from, allowing you to tie them in with the rest of your home decor.

If you are weighing up the difference between a platform lift and stair lifts in Morris County, it is worth noting that stairlifts are much quieter to operate, meaning you won’t disturb others in your household when using them. Installation is also fast and easy, taking under 4 hours in most cases. Chair lifts can be used on any staircase, including outdoors. Whether you need to get from street level to your porch or you want to be able to reaccess your home’s basement, installing a chair lift could be the answer you have been looking for.

In terms of the downsides of choosing a stair lift, if you are a wheelchair user, you would need to be able to transfer independently onto the chair, and you would need a wheelchair on each floor. In that case, the platform lift option may better suit your needs.


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